Oracle Business Intelligence in real life

Oracle Business Intelligence is a complex tool for preparing ad-hoc analysis and reports. It includes different components that can help end users to easily create nice and efficient reports. For administrator it includes components that can help to prepare effective data model that can include data from different sources and on different levels. At the […]

The Oracle Mobile Development Platform

This session provides an overview of the development platform Oracle provides for building mobile applications. From cross device iOS and Android app development, to mobile optimized backend integration layer and end-to-end security, see how Oracle enables you to develop the next generation of your applications exposing existing system to new channels

The Oracle Cloud for Developers – What’s in it for you?

The role of the cloud as a deployment platform hosting your data and applications is quite clear, but are you confused by the proliferation of cloud services that Oracle is providing? Are you wondering how you can use Software (SaaS), Platform (PaaS), Data (DaaS), Integration (IaaS) services to help you build better applications faster while […]