Oracle GoldenGate in Action

This session will focus on using Oracle GoldenGate 11g and 12c in Oracle environment. It will cover following topics: Installation (Windows, Linux), Configuring DML replication (step-by-step examples including ones with data manipulation, creating “history journal”, encryption, etc), Monitoring overview, Basic troubleshooting (using logdump, extract, pump and replicat problems; experiences from practice). Live-demos or videos will […]

Oracle 12c Automatic Data Optimization and Heat Map

This Oracle University mini-lesson introduces the new Oracle 12c Automatic Storage Optimization and in database warehouse features. It will dicuss Automated Data Movement to different storage tiers, automatic compression of data, the new in-database archival feature and temporal row validity. Attendees will gain an appreciation of how processing that in past releases required either tools or home […]

Oracle Database Distributed Transactions

This presentation examines remote and distributed queries and transactions over database links. The problem of multiple transaction branches involving RAC database instances are discussed followed by Oracle Single Phase and Two Phase commit processing over DB Links including: Prepare, Response to Prepare, Commit/Rollback and Forget phases. It is followed by a discussion of two phase commit in-doubt […]

RAC Global Resource Management Concepts

This presentation will focus on the concepts underlying global resource coordination for an Oracle RAC Database. It will discuss Global Enqueues, Instance Locks, Result Cache coordination and Buffer Cache fusion and explain the framework used by Oracle to coordinate access to shared resources from multiple database instances.

Katastrofa? Bez panike!

U slučaju katastrofe, najvažnije je da ne izgubimo glavu. Kada se radi o korupciji podataka, važno je da smo uvereni da je naš backup brzo dostupan, konzistentan i upotrebljiv. Takođe je vrlo važno i vreme za koje možemo uspostaviti funkcionalnu stanje Pod katastrofama ne mislimo samo na prirodne katastrofe. To može biti i npr. slučajno […]

Izgubite podatke na ispravan način

Da li ste ikada izgubili podatke? Uzroci gubitka podataka mogu biti raznovrsni: hardverski kvar, programske greE!ke u sistemskom ili aplikativnom softveru, greE!ke korisnika ili administratora, zlonamerne akcije, virusi i slično smeće. Gubitak podataka možete nametnuti i Oracle bazi podataka koja De to uraditi “efikasno i na ispravan način.” Radi se o kombinaciji nekih od gore […]

Best Practices for Exadata Maximum Availability

A few years ago, Exadata was a future technology for an Oracle DBA. Now knowledge on Exadata is either a must for an Oracle dba or one of the lines in his/her “To Do” list. In this manner, top things you must know about Exadata are: how to make use of its performance features & […]

A Deep Dive into ASM redundancy in Exadata

Exadata Database Machine provides a solid storage redundancy infrastructure using ASM. Physical disks on multiple storage cell servers are partitioned, grouped and managed centrally by ASM. The way Exadata uses ASM has its own rules. The new term “Grid disk”, ASM background processes, failgroups, redundancy options differ from non-Exadata systems. This storage configuration may sometimes […]

Downgrade Oracle Database Enterprise to Standard

There are situations when Oracle customers are considering how to downgrade their existing Oracle Enteprise Edition databases to Standard Edition in order to reduce licensing cost especially in thesituations when they want to virtualize their infrastructure for Oracle Databases. Typically they use Vmware or Hyper-V as virtualization platforms and in this situations Oracle licensing rules are demanding that […]